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Selim Kagee


“A real gentleman with a voice that is like hot chocolate being poured over full cream ice cream.” - Jenny Wentzel (Events Manager, South African Rugby)

With a dream of becoming a pop singer, Selim started his vocal training at the age of 19. Tutored by an opera singer, he slowly began to fall in love with the classical genre. With his inherent musicality, he soon began to get roles in music productions that led him to perform on big stages with live orchestras. In 2012 he was signed with the major record label EMI, under whom he released his debut album called “Cry For Love”.

Kagee does not call himself an opera singer but rather a vocalist that bridges the gap between classical and pop music. With his velvety vocal style, Kagee has firmly established his music as an elegant mixture of cinematic influences, classical music and evergreen ballads.  

Some of Kagee’s career highlights have included winning the hearts of South Africans by performing the South African National Anthem live on international television from Perth, Australia for the Boks vs Wallabies rugby match in 2014, as well as being invited to perform at the prestigious Sergio Franchi Memorial Concert in Connecticut, USA. In 2012 Selim was a featured guest artist with the chart-topping Irish group Celtic Woman on their Home for Christmas album.


  • Soloist (with subtle backing tracks)

  • Duo (with pianist)

  • Duo (with violinist)

  • Duo (with saxophonist Don Vino)

  • Trio (with pianist & violinist)

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