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van der aven 


Van Der Aven is a multi-instrumental folk-acoustic band based in Cape Town, South Africa. The musical trio, consisting of two brothers Theunis and Roelof van der Merwe with the addition of Paul Avenant (friend turned brother), have been making music and sharing stories since 2016. The three members are all originally from the Great Karoo and their raw acoustic sound is primarily influenced by it.


Together this family in blood and friendship creates an enchanting musical blend of folk and fun; the perfect combination of beat and brotherhood.


Their sound is greatly influenced by folk pioneers such as Mumford & Sons, Lumineers and the musical mastery of Bon Iver. However, their renditions of cover songs are brought to life with their own unique South African flavour which is carefully woven together with two- and three-part harmonies.


Being multi-skilled, this talented three-piece incorporates everything from acoustic guitar, banjo, harmonica, bass, cajon drums (or full drumkit) and vocals.


Van Der Aven have shared stages with high profile artists such as Bottomless Coffee Band, Karen Zoid, Kaleidoskoop, Jack Parow, Albert Frost, Mel Botes, Joshua Na Die Reën, Faraway George and Blues Brothers to name but a few.


Their sensitive approach to music makes this band a cut above the rest and a popular choice for the folk-loving listener.

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